splinter.me takes startups on Hacker Tour to top computer science and engineering campuses in Europe

We are proud to announce that we are co-organizers of Hacker Tour Europe - a series of events that will facilitate startups’ access to top students from computer science and engineering universities in Europe.

During the course of a few weeks in October and November 2013, Hacker Tour Europe will facilitate company presentations, CXO talks, coding challenges and job fairs in a number of selected campuses.

The companies that want to participate and get the benefits of creating a talent pipeline of the best students from top technical universities are invited to register here.

splinter.me will be the platform that will gather all the professional profiles of the participating students. Employers will be able to use splinter.me to access Hacker Tour Europe talent pool at any time, to filter the young talents to match their interests and to follow up with them.

We know companies deal nowadays with difficulties of finding adequate professionals for their open positions. Especially when it comes to tech positions. Our platform offers the possibility to reveal talents and to do matchmaking between open positions and professionals. But we also want to participate in the creation of the next generation of tech talents.

Therefore we want to bring companies closer to students and facilitate their interaction.Through Hacker Tour we can help students understand what skills they need to develop and what are their career opportunities. And so we also help companies shape this next generation of talents to match the working requirements of today.“ said Adelina Peltea, co-founder of splinter.me




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