Salaries for Sales specialists across the world

Are you a Sales specialist curious about your potential salary in different countries? You’ve come to the right place.

If we are talking about Head of Sales level, best paying countries are: Brazil, Japan, Australia, Chile and Switzerland. So better brush up your local language skills and expand your network there.

Spotlight on sales: Global salary trends
Infographic by Mercer Insights
If you are looking into Sales jobs inside startups, AngelList provides the following data (US only) (salaries in dollars):



Some more numbers on different markets:

China (source):

  • Sales Representative (1-3 years of experience, College and above): 730 – 1060 $
  • Senior Sales Coordinator (5+ years of experience, University Degree): 1500 – 2400 $
  • Regional Sales Manager (5-8 years of experience, University Degree or MBA): 4650 – 6450 $

United States (source):


United Kingdom (source):


Brazil (source):


(so no wonder Brazil is paid best paying country for this matter, as this shows a Sales Manager in Brazil earns 59% more than one in the US)

Singapore (source):


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