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[study] How important your social media profiles have become for your career


A new study shows how important your social media profiles have become for your career. Almost every employer will look at your online activities and interests.


 Employers check your social media profiles mainly to check your professional experience and interests, but also to assess your cultural fit.


And here is where comes to play:

We help you aggregate all the professionally relevant information from your social media profiles in one place over which you have full control – and this is what employers will see about you to satisfy their curiosity.

Just give it a try here – it only takes 3 seconds to create an account with all your professional data.

Because social recruiting is here to stay…




 …as it helps employers hire better candidates faster. Which means that your online activities on social networks also help you get faster and more adequate job opportunities…


…especially through‘s matchmaking.

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Source: Jobvite – Social Recruiting Survey Results 2013 (The survey was conducted online in June 2013. 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals completed the survey.)

Salaries for Developers and Designers across the world

Are you a Developer or Designer curious about your potential salary in different countries? You’ve come to the right place.

Below are some averages of yearly salaries per country. As it seems, the best paying countries for Web Developers are Australia (87K $), Japan (86K $), the US (76K $) and Canada (60K $), while the lowest paying countries are India (12K $), Malaysia (8K $) and Philippines (7K $). Graphic Designers seem to be most appreciated in Switzerland (96K $), followed by Australia (64K $). The numbers jump quite higher when talking about Senior positions, as well as for Software Developers in comparison with Web Developers.

Salaries of web developers in India, the Philippines, USA and around the world


If you are considering the startup life and you are attracted by popular startup hubs, the numbers look a bit different. Sillicon Valley’s Developers have an average salary of 119K $ per year, while London’s Developers make 79K $ per year and Berlin’s Senior Developers reach on average 80K $ per year.

And of course, you might consider working for one of the most appealing tech companies at the moment. Seems like the best paying ones are Google with 128K $ for Software Engineers base salary per year, followed by Facebook (124K $) and Apple (114K $).

So where are you going to head to? is here to help you make the leap by keeping you in the companies radar for work opportunities that fit your skills and interests. So don’t forget to create your profile :)

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Welcoming our first Ambassadors has already reached people from more than 60 countries on 6 continents (happy to see your love from all the time zones :) ). Our strongest presence is in the EMEA region, which is a quite diverse one in terms of culture, language, development etc. Therefore, for the coming months we decided to focus on a few cities and establish a local presence in each one of them with the help of our new Ambassadors.

Today we are pleased and honored to announce our first two Ambassadors to join our team: Hashem Zahran for Alexandria & Cairo and Florina Dumitrache for Bucharest.











They are both really well connected in their cities and regions with the tech and startups communities and are leading their own projects. They joined us because they love our product (for example, Florina went recently through a hiring process from an employer perspective and realized the problems with the current solutions) and they knew the team for quite some time (Hashem actually knows since its inception at Startup Weekend Alexandria, an event he organized).

No one has ever started as a big company! All big names started as an idea with smart dedicated people, a little bit of luck, and access to right resources. As one of the early adopters, I’ve seen the transformation from the idea stage till now which I am sure was a fun ride to the founders. I look forward to be able to assist in spreading the word out about Splinter in my current networks and see it as a big name in the upcoming few months. (Hashem)

SplinterMe is just like a drop of water when you are thirsty; it offers satisfaction just when you need it through the matchmaking process. No more agencies or other complicated options that take a lot of time, money and patience…Splinter is fast and efficient! (Florina)

Hashem and Florina will be our local voices, developing the talents and employers communities in their cities. They will be our right hand for any local partnerships, presentations, media relations, sales discussions etc. in their cities, so do not hesitate to contact them if you are interested.

We are looking for Ambassadors in other cities as well. Those interested can read the details and apply here.


The job mismatch: how people read job descriptions

Most of job applicants never hear back from the employers or they receive an automatic email with “We are sorry, your profile doesn’t fit what we are looking for”. Where is the problem?

A study made by TheLadders reveals part of the mystery by using eye-tracking systems to notice the job seekers behavior while interacting with job descriptions.

Job applicants spend on average only up to 77 seconds to read a job description and hit the Apply button.

This means they mainly read the title, the beginning and then they skim through the rest of the text:

job description eye tracking

(the eye-tracking technology was used to draw a “heat map” that showed how much time each participant spent looking at each section, and results were averaged)

Long and text-only job descriptions don’t stand a chance to be completely read and risk getting lots of applications that do not fit the job requirements.

Conclusion: more visual and simple job descriptions are needed!

On we help companies sort information into relevant categories and make it as visual as possible.

Like this job applicants get a better overview in a shorter time spent on the page. They can immediately see the tools used inside the company’s workspace, the people behind it, the social networks etc.

mavenhut splinter

Besides this, we are also preparing to launch our matchmaking between talents and work opportunities. So people would not need anymore to search jobs, read them, decided on their own where they fit, apply and wait for answers. Instead they will be headhunted by companies through our platform.

Want it? Apply for your individual profile here or for your company profile here.