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Welcoming our first Ambassadors


splinter.me has already reached people from more than 60 countries on 6 continents (happy to see your love from all the time zones :) ). Our strongest presence is in the EMEA region, which is a quite diverse one in terms of culture, language, development etc. Therefore, for the coming months we decided to focus on a few cities and establish a local presence in each one of them with the help of our new Ambassadors.

Today we are pleased and honored to announce our first two Ambassadors to join our team: Hashem Zahran for Alexandria & Cairo and Florina Dumitrache for Bucharest.











They are both really well connected in their cities and regions with the tech and startups communities and are leading their own projects. They joined us because they love our product (for example, Florina went recently through a hiring process from an employer perspective and realized the problems with the current solutions) and they knew the team for quite some time (Hashem actually knows splinter.me since its inception at Startup Weekend Alexandria, an event he organized).

No one has ever started as a big company! All big names started as an idea with smart dedicated people, a little bit of luck, and access to right resources. As one of the splinter.me early adopters, I’ve seen the transformation from the idea stage till now which I am sure was a fun ride to the founders. I look forward to be able to assist in spreading the word out about Splinter in my current networks and see it as a big name in the upcoming few months. (Hashem)

SplinterMe is just like a drop of water when you are thirsty; it offers satisfaction just when you need it through the matchmaking process. No more agencies or other complicated options that take a lot of time, money and patience…Splinter is fast and efficient! (Florina)

Hashem and Florina will be our local voices, developing the splinter.me talents and employers communities in their cities. They will be our right hand for any local partnerships, presentations, media relations, sales discussions etc. in their cities, so do not hesitate to contact them if you are interested.

We are looking for Ambassadors in other cities as well. Those interested can read the details and apply here.


splinter.me pitching at Pitch Marathon (Berlin, July13)

Curious to know what we are working on solving at splinter.me and what is our solution all about?

Watch below the video recording of our pitch at Pitch Marathon, event that took place in Berlin on 31st July 2013.

Potential investors, partners, clients and users are welcome to contact our team.

splinter.me takes startups on Hacker Tour to top computer science and engineering campuses in Europe

We are proud to announce that we are co-organizers of Hacker Tour Europe - a series of events that will facilitate startups’ access to top students from computer science and engineering universities in Europe.

During the course of a few weeks in October and November 2013, Hacker Tour Europe will facilitate company presentations, CXO talks, coding challenges and job fairs in a number of selected campuses.

The companies that want to participate and get the benefits of creating a talent pipeline of the best students from top technical universities are invited to register here.

splinter.me will be the platform that will gather all the professional profiles of the participating students. Employers will be able to use splinter.me to access Hacker Tour Europe talent pool at any time, to filter the young talents to match their interests and to follow up with them.

We know companies deal nowadays with difficulties of finding adequate professionals for their open positions. Especially when it comes to tech positions. Our platform offers the possibility to reveal talents and to do matchmaking between open positions and professionals. But we also want to participate in the creation of the next generation of tech talents.

Therefore we want to bring companies closer to students and facilitate their interaction.Through Hacker Tour we can help students understand what skills they need to develop and what are their career opportunities. And so we also help companies shape this next generation of talents to match the working requirements of today.“ said Adelina Peltea, co-founder of splinter.me


There is a big tech skills gap. Let’s do something about it! [case study - London's Tech City]

London’s Tech City released a survey report yesterday highlighting that the biggest challenge for its 1350 tech business is the shortage of skilled professionals in the job market.

Developers and usability specialists are the most difficult to recruit at the moment in Tech City in London. And most probably not only there.

required skills

CyberCoders research findings released earlier this month reveal the most in demand skills for the highest paying technology jobs of 2013:

  1. Mobile development (iOS, Android)
  2. Cloud computing (AWS, Azure)
  3. Front end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript)
  4. UX/UI design
  5. Big Data (Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL)
  6. C#
  7. Ruby on rails
  8. Java
  9. PHP
  10. Linux

Needless to say that the shortage of tech talents makes tech businesses experience growth barriers.


Hence they are going for these solutions:

  • Importing talents (Some countries are already well known to be good tech talent pools. But to be able to hire someone from abroad means finding those able to relocate and then dealing with the visa systems that are complex and expensive.)
  • Hiring temps (94% of Tech City businesses use temporary recruitment, although only 17% prefer this method. The most common temporary resourcing solutions are freelancers (73%) and interns (63%).)


But this is not solving the root cause of the skills gap.

Technology is rapidly evolving and the education system cannot keep the pace. Students (the future workforce) need to learn what is needed on the job market from the businesses that require them to have these skills.

splinter.me is willing to help close the tech skills gap by bringing together students with tech companies. How?

2013-04-13 16.36.04

This autumn we will organize a tour of tech companies at campuses of tech universities in Eastern Europe (area that is famous for its tech talents). There will be workshops, hackatons, internship/job fairs. More details to be announced soon.

If your company is interested in participating (meaning providing HR and/or tech employees or founders to go on tour, and paying a fee for making the organization of the tour happening), please drop an email to adelina [at] splinter.me

Also, if you are a tech business willing to organize a few workshops/ job shadowings/ internships for students at your office, we would gladly help you with it. Same, please drop an email to adelina [at] splinter.me

Meanwhile, don’t forget to showcase the tools you use on splinter.me‘s Workspace.

Happy skills upgrade!

Manual first (while in beta) – testing hiring talents, the traditional way

We stand for making the hiring process much easier, by directly matchmaking talents with recruiters and removing the long process of posting jobs, receiving and filtering applications etc.

However, while we are in public beta, we will still use the manual process of hiring (quite frequently used in startups), automatizing it slowly slowly.

Therefore, expect to see some jobs postings on splinter.me in the upcoming period. But don’t get used to it :)

For the moment, we will use the job postings and applications system in order to:

  • understand better the needs of recruiters
  • bring work opportunities to our talent pool

Companies interested in hiring, please contact adelina [at] splinter.me for promoting work opportunities on our platform. Meanwhile, you can also try our Splinter LookUp to find talents, our aggregated Common Connections to see how you can get introduced and our Splinter Talk to message each other.

Talents interested in work opportunities, follow our  and apply using your splinter profile to promoted jobs. You might want to add more tools and social networks to your profile first.

splinter jobs

We will develop our promised features with the learning we get on the way and in a few months we will be ready to do simple matchmaking for you!

splinter.me launches Splinter Lookup, allowing searching like a human

splinter.me team is happy to announce the launch of Splinter Lookup, that helps searching for specific talents in a very easy and natural way. Forget about filters, boxes and choices. Just ask splinter.me exactly who you are looking for. As if you would ask a human.

Try searching for “Splinters who use Rails and PHP, live in Alexandria and know Marwan Osman.” Exactly like that!

splinter lookup

It is search based on meaning rather than on exact matching keywords. For comparison, think of Facebook Graph Search that was launched last month.

A typical search for a great job candidate requires checking the tools the candidate uses, people in common etc. We wanted to replace the current complex process with an easier and efficient search. Therefore, the new Splinter Lookup.

Searching is easier when you just say in plain English what you need rather than thinking about the right terms to type for your search query. The platform translates what you are searching from plain English to a computer-friendly form and the query is executed on our database. You don’t have to think like a machine anymore to get the right results.” said Marwan Osman, our Senior Software Engineer, the one who completely owned this feature and made it happen.

He also adds: “It’s just the beginning of search. We’re working on enhancing, fine-tuning search results and adding more types of searches you can do in your queries.”

Happy searching!