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Want to travel the world and meet the best startups? Apply for this job on


Some jobs are once in a lifetime opportunity. So is this one: Seedstars World’s Startup Scout.


For all the startup lovers and travelers out there, Seedstars offers the opportunity to travel to emerging countries for 6 months and select the best startups. The program Seedstars World is running right now its first edition, and the team is already looking for someone to lead the next edition in 2014.

You can check the details about the role and the conditions to apply on right here.

Good luck and may the most passionate and curious candidate win!

PS: And while you are at it, do check the companies we have on and their work opportunities as well.

VC4Africa partners with to help its members better showcase their professional profiles

We are happy to announce our partnership with the startup community VC4Africa through which their members are given now the possibility to display their profiles on their member profiles and on their job applications inside the community.


VC4Africa is the largest and fastest growing community of entrepreneurs and investors building promising companies in Africa. At the moment it gathers 12.500+ members from 1000+ ventures in 30 African countries and investors with an interest in the region from 159 countries around the world.

Their recently launched job board for the local ventures, VC4Africa Talent, encourages now applicants to include in their approach message to the employer also their profile to better showcase their professional image.

vc4africa apply with splinter


Also, members are encouraged to link their profile on their member profile, alongside with their LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook accounts.

vc4africa splinter profile


Bill Zimmerman, the Co-Founder of VC4Africa and an early adopter of, said about this partnership:

“We’re very excited about integrating Splinter profiles with VC4A.

At VC4A, we believe in putting entrepreneurs in control and giving them access to the best available tools and services. Building a great company requires access to the right network, expertise and knowledge along the way. It also means having an exceptional team in place to execute the vision. For this reason, we recently launched VC4A Talent, a free recruitment service for startups.

We see as one of the top online tools for job seekers to put their best foot forward. Creating a professional, 360-degree profile with Splinter could not be simpler, and the results are displayed in less than a second. 

We’ve also followed the story of Splinter’s founders and had many positive interactions with Ahmed and Adelina, the two co-founders behind, so partnering with them to match job seekers with hiring companies was a natural fit.”

We are as well very honored to start this partnership and we hope that together we can help the emerging startup community in Africa with better ways to connect local talents with work opportunities inside the ventures. pitching at Pitch Marathon (Berlin, July13)

Curious to know what we are working on solving at and what is our solution all about?

Watch below the video recording of our pitch at Pitch Marathon, event that took place in Berlin on 31st July 2013.

Potential investors, partners, clients and users are welcome to contact our team.

Robert Scoble on the future of recruitment

A few days ago at Tech Open Air Berlin, (you might know him as the Google Glasses most passionate advocate) was talking via skype with the conference participants about technology and its impact on our lives.

2013-08-01 18.17.28 team was curious to hear Robert’s view on the future of recruitment, as it is driven by technologies.

Check below his answer.

He was emphasizing on how your social networks can bring you new career opportunities and how employers want to know more about you and check your profiles. is happy to provide the platform that makes this new natural phenomenon easier for both sides.

For employers it will be easier to find matching candidates about who they will have all the relevant information in one place, as we analyze all the activities on social networks. For talents it will be easier to reveal their professional image based on their social media activities and to find the most fit opportunities.

So join us in beta and get all our benefits soon.