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Welcoming our first Ambassadors


splinter.me has already reached people from more than 60 countries on 6 continents (happy to see your love from all the time zones :) ). Our strongest presence is in the EMEA region, which is a quite diverse one in terms of culture, language, development etc. Therefore, for the coming months we decided to focus on a few cities and establish a local presence in each one of them with the help of our new Ambassadors.

Today we are pleased and honored to announce our first two Ambassadors to join our team: Hashem Zahran for Alexandria & Cairo and Florina Dumitrache for Bucharest.











They are both really well connected in their cities and regions with the tech and startups communities and are leading their own projects. They joined us because they love our product (for example, Florina went recently through a hiring process from an employer perspective and realized the problems with the current solutions) and they knew the team for quite some time (Hashem actually knows splinter.me since its inception at Startup Weekend Alexandria, an event he organized).

No one has ever started as a big company! All big names started as an idea with smart dedicated people, a little bit of luck, and access to right resources. As one of the splinter.me early adopters, I’ve seen the transformation from the idea stage till now which I am sure was a fun ride to the founders. I look forward to be able to assist in spreading the word out about Splinter in my current networks and see it as a big name in the upcoming few months. (Hashem)

SplinterMe is just like a drop of water when you are thirsty; it offers satisfaction just when you need it through the matchmaking process. No more agencies or other complicated options that take a lot of time, money and patience…Splinter is fast and efficient! (Florina)

Hashem and Florina will be our local voices, developing the splinter.me talents and employers communities in their cities. They will be our right hand for any local partnerships, presentations, media relations, sales discussions etc. in their cities, so do not hesitate to contact them if you are interested.

We are looking for Ambassadors in other cities as well. Those interested can read the details and apply here.