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[study] How important your social media profiles have become for your career


A new study shows how important your social media profiles have become for your career. Almost every employer will look at your online activities and interests.


 Employers check your social media profiles mainly to check your professional experience and interests, but also to assess your cultural fit.


And here is where splinter.me comes to play:

We help you aggregate all the professionally relevant information from your social media profiles in one place over which you have full control – and this is what employers will see about you to satisfy their curiosity.

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Because social recruiting is here to stay…




 …as it helps employers hire better candidates faster. Which means that your online activities on social networks also help you get faster and more adequate job opportunities…


…especially through splinter.me‘s matchmaking.

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Source: Jobvite – Social Recruiting Survey Results 2013 (The survey was conducted online in June 2013. 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals completed the survey.)