splinter.me launches Common Connections, aggregated from all social networks

Do you want just one place to see all the common connections from all social networks between you and someone else? You have come to the right place!

Splinter.me is happy to announce the launch of Common Connections, that enables displaying for two splinters the common connections they have outside the platform – for the moment those on Facebook and LinkedIn (even if the common connections are not using splinter.me). All in one place!

splinter common connections

When checking out someone’s profile, I’m always interested in knowing the common friends or connections between us. But that’s always limited to one social network, which is the social network I’m viewing the profile on. That’s why we’re introducing the common connections on splinter.me, that are designed to display even the common connections outside of splinter.me, from other social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

For example, if I’m looking at a profile of a web designer that I’m interested in hiring and we have no common connections on splinter.me but we have a common friend on Facebook, I’ll be able to connect with that friend and get feedback from him/her and ask about the web designer.” said Ahmed Hussaini, co-founder of splinter.me who made this feature happen together with Marwan Osman, our Senior Software Engineer.

As far as we know, splinter.me is the first platform to offer this functionality (correct us if we are wrong), that can make people’s life much easier.

In the future we will integrate the common connections on more social networks and add more features related to connections.

Make the most use of your connections!