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splinter.me introduces GitHub and Behance visual stats to its Developers and Designers profiles


Developers and Designers like to have their great work speak about themselves, rather than having fancy words on a resume.

At splinter.me we reward their code and art work with our free online resume builder that, as of today, analyzes and displays their GitHub and Behance stats in a simple and visual way.

The stats reveal in just a glimpse:

  • how active Developers and Designers are on GitHub and Behance (and when they had contributions)
  • how popular and appreciated a Designer’s portfolio is
  • what design fields a Designer is best at
  • what programming languages a Developer is best at or fond of

splinter.me github code stats

splinter.me behance stats

The splinter.me profiles also contain Designers’ portfolios and Developers’ Public Repos for an easier overview.

Having all this integrated with experience, skills and interests, splinter.me profiles serve as online resumes for Developers & Designers that can be used either for presentation purposes, either for attracting employers and clients. 

GitHub and Behance are just two of the many online platforms splinter.me is integrating and analyzing. The beauty of splinter.me is that it automatically analyzes the data from all of them, it aggregates it, and that it maintains the profiles always updated based on the online activities.

If you are a Designer or Developer, come along splinter.me, we have goodies :)

Salaries for Developers and Designers across the world

Are you a Developer or Designer curious about your potential salary in different countries? You’ve come to the right place.

Below are some averages of yearly salaries per country. As it seems, the best paying countries for Web Developers are Australia (87K $), Japan (86K $), the US (76K $) and Canada (60K $), while the lowest paying countries are India (12K $), Malaysia (8K $) and Philippines (7K $). Graphic Designers seem to be most appreciated in Switzerland (96K $), followed by Australia (64K $). The numbers jump quite higher when talking about Senior positions, as well as for Software Developers in comparison with Web Developers.

Salaries of web developers in India, the Philippines, USA and around the world


If you are considering the startup life and you are attracted by popular startup hubs, the numbers look a bit different. Sillicon Valley’s Developers have an average salary of 119K $ per year, while London’s Developers make 79K $ per year and Berlin’s Senior Developers reach on average 80K $ per year.

And of course, you might consider working for one of the most appealing tech companies at the moment. Seems like the best paying ones are Google with 128K $ for Software Engineers base salary per year, followed by Facebook (124K $) and Apple (114K $).

So where are you going to head to? splinter.me is here to help you make the leap by keeping you in the companies radar for work opportunities that fit your skills and interests. So don’t forget to create your profile :)

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