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Gaming jobs salary reports

For those technical talents passionate about the gaming industry, here are some reports on gaming job salaries.

United States – gaming job salary report 2013

This is broke down by region, discipline (gaming programmers, artists, game designers, producers) and years of experience. It seems that programmers are the best paid in the gaming industry, with salaries ranging from $ 72K to 125 K, followed by artists and game designers with $ 54K to 105K.

Video Gaming Industry by the Numbers
Source: Big Fish Games

Game Developer Magazine published in their April 2013 edition the following results (slightly different than the ones in the report above, but not far from them):

gaming progr

gaming art

gaming game designers

gaming qa testersSource: BorderHouseBlog with data from Game Developers Magazine

United Kingdom – gaming job salary report 2013

Seems that UK has lower salaries than US when it comes to gaming jobs, but the industry is quite developed there as well. For example, a programmer earns on average in the UK the equivalent of $ 41.5K, while in the US this is double or more.

gaming ukSource: mcvuk.com (with data from develop-online.net, a British gaming-focused platform)

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