Best Countries to Work and Live in as a Developer

Ever wondered what you can earn, as a Developer, in different countries? And more over, where is the best to relocate for work by considering the value for money that you will get in specific countries?

Based on our own Salaries Survey for Developers and Designers which gathered 1160 answers from around the world, we are now releasing the first results. Check them out and drop by the survey to insert your data too (the survey is still open).

Note that all salaries are in USD and are after taxes (net incomes).

Ranking of Average Value for Money per Country

Knowing the average salary for Developers in each country is great, but absolute values should not be compared per se, as different countries have different buying power.  Therefore, we compared the value for money that a Developer gets in these 18 countries, by dividing the average salary by the index of living costs.

It seems to be that the best countries to work and live in as a Developer are, in the following order: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Austria, Poland, Spain, Philippines, India, Brazil, Singapore, France, Italy, Croatia, Egypt, Portugal, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

What might be outstanding is the high ranking countries from Eastern Europe have, like Romania and Poland, when it comes to the value for money.

Average Value for Money (Developers Salaries divided by Index of Living Costs)

The value for money ranking is quite different than the average salary ranking by countries. You can observe, for example, that although Developers in Singapore earn quite a lot, their value for money is quite low, as prices are quite high there.

Average Salary for Developers by Country

Differences among salaries for Developers by level

Of course, there are differences when it comes to salaries for Junior, Mid-Level and Senior Developers. Sometimes quite big, as a Senior Developer can be even double paid compared to a Junior in some countries.

The biggest salaries differences between levels are registered in the following countries: India, Egypt, Philippines, Romania, Poland, Brazil, and Italy.

Developers Salaries by Level and Country

Differences among salaries for Developers by type of company (startup or not)

You would assume that startups would pay less the Developers. But our results show that in some countries this is totally wrong.

Seems like startups are really competitive in attracting Developers, especially in Austria, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, and Italy, where Developers earn more in startups than in non-startups.

Developers Salaries in Startups and Non-Startups by Country

The survey was open during October and November 2013. We are looking forward to gather more data with our salaries survey so that we can show the rankings for more countries and provide more accurate results. In case you did not input your data yet, please do it here.