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Mistakes to avoid when applying for data science jobs and why professionals must invest in their online presence today [video]

Interested in a Big Data job? Since we are talking about a type of job that started to exist recently, you might need some advice on how to nail one.

Watch below a video interview with Software Advice and Todd Nevins from Big Data job board, icrunchdata, to share his advice for those looking for jobs in the field.

The video covers the biggest mistakes people make while job hunting in the big data space. These include:

  • Being a technology “generalist” – not being an expert in your specific skillset (companies are hiring for very granular positions)
  • Forgetting to include numbers – such as percentages associated with growth or improvement
  • Not being in control of your job hunt – failing to research who’s in the organization

The video also covers some next steps in applying for big data jobs, such as how crucial it is to build social data by writing articles for publications that will market your content.

Enjoy :)

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